Three hours in, and things are getting weird…

So I’ve been thinking about the contest for a few hours, and I’ve had a good conversation with my friend about it. We’ve ended up in a really strange place, but I like it a lot. I mentioned earlier that I was hoping to have two thematic restrictions, and that I was disappointed that I only have one. So I instead decided to make my own conflicting theme decision: The Founding of America. It’s going to be weird. Here’s a little visual brainstorm.

Imagine this type of game:

But substitute this:

And people like this:

So all in all, a weird game. I have some ideas for the other players (Jefferson, Franklin, etc.), but that’s where I’m leaving it now. Actually, one more thing.

He would totally slay british dragons. Incidentally, British Dragon is a steroid, so that was a weird google search.


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