The Estate submitted and assorted updates

Sunday has long since come and gone, and The Estate barely made it in. I think I had twenty minutes left on the clock at the time of submission. This, of course, means that I have spent the last few days finding terrible grammatical errors on the story cards. Here’s one now:

Apparently Mario is narrating this story. I know it would really add to the moment if I found myself face-to-face “with-a two shambling figures! It’s-a me!” Most of the errors are like this; remnants of old sentence structure lingering within the finished blurb. I’m not going to address this right now though. I think I’ll wait until I get it in my hands and can make a comprehensive list of the errors. This can go on the Manic Mechanics schedule, which is roughly 2 months per correction apparently.

Speaking of getting it in my hands, I’ve also finished and ordered PUNCH! I didn’t make rules because, well, I know how to play it already and I don’t anticipate it ever being played outside of my presence. That and I really struggle with rules. I also ordered a game not of my own design, and when I get it and play it I’ll probably post some sort of review of it.

Oh, and Manic Mechanics again. I played a really intense game over the weekend, and the players had some excellent suggestions for the game. The 1.1 update is a post-graduation priority, so in about a month these ideas will probably start coming up here.

AND ANOTHER THING: Masterplan Mondays have begun again, and now Alex and I are working with a mutual friend, Morgan, who gave us the gift of the Shima colors. He’s been working with Alex on another project, and we managed to rope him into this one. His perspective is really different from ours, and it has rocketed the project forward. For my part, I’ve started working on a new set of building tokens. Here’s a 3D mockup of a game in progress (sort of).

That’s it for this post. Not really my most focused effort. If the shipping and handling gods smile upon me, I will have pictures of the printed games early next week. If not, Masterplan images should increase in frequency soon. Until then.


Mind the gap

Just stopping in to drop this image here. No time for a full post. Deadlines loom…

Reality sets in…

So there are only 15 days left in the RPG contest. 15 days to complete two games. Well shit.

I’m calling it. 1:00 PM, April 1st, 2012: On the Wall is dead. Of the two games, it’s more elaborate, more expensive, and requires much more work to be finished. I’m getting a bit of deja-vu from Gathering, except this time the dying game actually has a chance to exist outside of a contest. Mark my words: I will resurrect On the Wall in the summertime. Until then, here are some more art updates from The Estate.

The Duke is the primary melee character in The Estate. His dice are heavy on the attack symbols, demonstrating his great combat skill with his trusty cane. His special attack symbol is, well, still sort of in the works. For now, accept this stand-in explosion symbol. As for actual usage, his offensive specialty is a charge attack that can target any enemy, regardless of their position on the field (any day now I’ll post some stuff about the encounters). This character, when paired with either of the others, will very quickly reduce the opposing force to a group of whimpering losers.

As you can see from the combined dice, his defensive capabilities are not insignificant. On top of this, his defensive ability is a parry, in which the Duke takes any damage dealt, but deals the same damage back to the attacker. His two special abilities, when combined, can take out a sheltered enemy without going through the first row of enemies.

So that was a very rushed post. As I go back to my more leisurely update schedule, they will hopefully get better. Honestly, I’m more concerned about simply finishing this game than anything else right now. Updates be damned!