New Game(s)!

So the second game from Reluctant Pirate Games is finished, submitted, and soon-to-be in the mail. I won’t officially publish it until I have seen it in person and can be sure that is complete and playable. Until then, you should head over to the Games page and check out the much more affordable (free, actually) Print & Play version. There was a previous draft up here a few posts ago, but now there are rules and a final version. Obviously I will be posting when there are contest updates, but keep your fingers crossed. This time I will be going up against a friend of mine, so it could get personal. As in I will personally punch him if he beats me. Actually, I hope we get to play his game in the next few weeks so I can post some pictures up here.

Outside of contest news, there isn’t really much to say. There are two games in the works at this point, one reasonable and the other unreasonable, so I expect there will be some news about the former in the next week or so. Other than that, really excited to have two solid games, and hopefully things keep getting moving at this pace.




A valiant effort…

So the results of the contest are in and Manic Mechanics tied for fourth! For a new game company’s first game, I think that’s pretty good. You can read all about it at the Gamecrafter (look to the right), and make sure to take a look at the other winners. In even better news, I actually got to have a brief conversation with one of the judges, so I know exactly what they thought about it. Expect an updated version in the next month based on not only his feedback but critiques I have gotten from everyone who has played it. In bad news, I don’t have a relevant picture for this post, so here’s a blueprint card that expresses how I think we did in this contest! Hooray for terrible portmanteaus!


Finalists Announced!

Manic Mechanics is a finalists in the Vehicle Game Design Contest! This is super awesome. You can check out the announcement on the right, since I cross-publish their news. I have no image to go along with this, so here’s a picture I didn’t use on the release post.


Check this out…

Oh man, check it out. Some rough cover art for Satellite Salvo. The good news is that the game itself is completed. The rules are almost done, so the print and play version will actually be available next week. But there is some bad(ish) news: Gathering has been abandoned. The art was looking ok, but the cards made very little sense, and the gameplay was clearly not going to work. And because it was created for the Mashup Contest, I have very little reason to continue with the idea. The next game is a bit up in the air at this point, but I’ll post something about the next production soon.

Manic Mechanics Officially Released!

Manic Mechanics is live! I have received the premiere copy, and it looks great. Check out me and the play testers being completely obliterated by Purple:

Also, hawk-eyed viewers may notice that one of these play-testers is eating a delicious looking cookie. Those are not included in the game (sadly), but I recommend making cookies next time you want to get people to help you document your game development. So if you want to get a look at this game, go to the new “Games” page and follow the link.

So yeah, first real game. Awesome. Expect more by the end of the year!

Gettin’ crazy here…

In contrast to the lack of posts, there has been a lot of work going on here. Gathering is moving along at a relatively good pace, and another game has been conceived of, tested, and partially drawn out. On top of that, another contest has been announced and another game has been suggested and begun. Unfortunately, there has been very little graphic work. Here is a little bit that has been worked on from Gathering.

I like to think that these drawings look better than the laughable triangles I posted last week. Now here’s a much cooler update. The new game, which is actually a second entry into the mashup contest, is called Satellite Salvo. It’s a Battleship/Yahtzee game about orbital lasers. I thought it would be cool to make a print & play version, so this is probably what it will look like. Obviously you need the full rules to play, so I will put those up once they are finished.


So yeah, that’s what’s going on here. Hopefully our resident artist will have some of the art finished up soon. The initial drawings are great, but he would probably prefer I only post finished drawings. Stay tuned!