Co-op contest begins, Steampunk contest ends.

So a few important things have happened in the last two weeks. After the announcement of the new Game Crafter contest, I pulled together a few ideas that I was considering. I then made a post on Reddit asking for the opinions of random internet strangers. Although I won’t duplicate the post in its entirety, here are the three options I presented.

#1 On the Wall

Months ago I worked on an archery game that was tested and deemed “not fun.” I made some posts about it, so I’m not going to describe it here. The game was always a cooperative game, so it makes sense that I would pick it back up for this contest. I had devised a new and improved dice-rolling mechanic thanks in part to another Reddit post, so I felt like the game had potential. On top of that, there were parts of the game that really did work, and I had already done a good deal of the design work.

#2. The Founding Fighters (or America’s Founding Fighters)

On July 4th, I attempted to create a game in 24 hours. It didn’t go so well. But the things I did manage to get made were pretty cool, and the overall concept was, in my opinion, pretty solid. Although it didn’t have a title then, I’ve since decided to call it “The Founding Fighters,” although others have expressed an interest in the title “America’s Founding Fighters.” This is another game that I have already done a good bit of footwork on, and it has the most exciting theme of the three ideas.

#3 Untitled 2 on 2 Card Game

I’m not going to describe this idea because there basically isn’t much of an idea there. It was going to be a Bridge-style game where two pairs of players are competing against each other. The reason I was attracted to this idea was that I began to question the integrity of my other ideas, and the nature of cooperative games. I’m hoping to write a bit more of an in-depth exploration of this idea (the co-op thing, not the card game), so I’ll stop there.

Anyway, the response was pretty clear, whether on the internet or from people I asked in person: I should make The Founding Fighters. So I will. More on that later.


Finally, the finalists for the Steampunk Contest were announced. Some great games made it, and my rule-less submission was not among them. I was justly disqualified for, you know, not having rules. The best I got was that the judge said it “looked nice.” That’s about the highest praise I could have rightly expected. When I order the game (which should be pretty soon), I’ll actually be able to find out if the game works.


Quick preview: Interns

Just swinging in for a second to drop some very early images of the upcoming card game Interns. This is a re-theme of a simple trick-taking game I co-designed with a Brony that I work with. And that was a sentence I co-wrote with a crazy person. Anyway, here are the three “suits” of the game, as well as the six areas of study that affect the value of cards.

I’m going to say upfront that these designs are not even close to finished, but do represent the general idea of where I want to go with the graphics of the game. I also want to acknowledge that making money the symbol for business might be a bit more cynical than the game is intended to be, but it was the best I could think of at the moment. So yeah, everything will eventually be redrawn and made to look very pretty, and hopefully more nuanced in representation. Until then…

If nothing else, this game turned out quite pretty

It’s been an odd few weeks as this competition wrapped up. I’m not totally happy with the outcome of this design, especially because I really felt it had great potential. I’m going to order the pieces in the next few days, and when I get a physical copy I will post a more in-depth discussion of how it went. Between then and now, I’ll hopefully post more actively concerning two different projects I’m considering. The first is an extremely simple card game that I co-designed with a guy I work with, and the second is actually one of my oldest game ideas that I’ve recently become more motivated to finish. Without a doubt there will be a more serious post soon.