Literally the least important update ever

With the help of Tesseract433 of /r/tabletopgamedesign I have decided on a name for my steampunk gear game. That’s about it. Everything else I’ve done has been in Excel, except of course the above image, which I made about a minute ago using spare graphics I already had. Woo!


PUNCH is published!

Even though I’ve had the game in hand for months now, I am only now officially publishing PUNCH, my first non-competition game. You can head over to the Games page to check it out, and of course it can be purchased through the Game Crafter at the lowest price their system allows me to set. I think I make 36 cents profit if anyone buys it. Anyway, I just needed the time to fix some of the mistakes and write an actual rules document. When I finished designing it months ago, I was just too impatient to write one, so I didn’t publish it. Next up on the agenda is actually publishing The Estate, but that will take a little more doing.

So yeah, expect some more news about stuff soon! Vacation is super great for knocking these things out.