24 hours begins… now

Just throwing up a quick post to say that the next 24 hour contest is here. I’m a little disappointed though, because I was hoping to combine this contest with the BGDF design showdown that lasts a week. Just as a reminder, the 24 hour contest has a simple restriction, and the Game Design Showdown usually has both a thematic and mechanical restriction. Unfortunately, I managed to keep myself from seeing either of these things for a few days only to find out that 1. There is no posted Game Design Showdown this month, and 2. the theme for the 24 hour contest is just “dragons.” That’s it. Dragons. I’ve already done a contest about dragons. In fact, this is the second contest I’ve seen this week that is basically a repeat of something I’ve already done. The Game Crafter posted their next contest, and the theme is “Steampunk Dice Games.” Are you kidding me? I just did that!

Anyway, I’m just rambling here. Hopefully I can be inspired by a one-word restriction and will come up with something better than Farmer’s Nuisance or Jargon this time. Happy 4th of July!


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