Scope creep and the 24 hour challenge

For those of you unfamiliar with business jargon, Scope Creep refers to the uncontrolled expansion of an idea, especially expansion that eventually overwhelms the project. In a 24 hour challenge, this can be deadly. Let me first highlight the successes of Wednesday’s efforts.

Here you can see the process of creating the board (sort of). The drawings were obviously not done by me, but I was technically in the room, so I can take some sort of credit. Anyway, the final(ish) board is a hex grid overlay on the dragon, and is split into a few distinct sections. Blue spots are entries and red spots are weak points. When you are on the dragon, he will occasionally attack using his limbs, tail, wings, or head, and if you are on that part of the body you must roll to hang on. If you do fall off, the next time there is an attack with any of the entry sections, you may “grab on” and begin your climb once more. Attacking weak points will lower the strength of that area, making it easier to hang on, and you may eventually disable an area by hitting all three. The head and neck area is the most commonly used area, and as such is the hardest to climb. The aim of the game is to attack and kill the highest weak point at the top of the head. Strategically, you can choose to just go straight for it and constantly fall, or to spend some time weakening the dragon before you attempt to make it to the head. The game is meant to be played cooperatively with up to three players, playing as the following three characters.

These drawings are awesome. The Founding Fathers would be proud. Although it never got this far, the idea was to have three different characters with different speeds, hanging strengths, and perhaps some special effects. Washington was to be balanced, Jefferson would be quick and weak, and Franklin would be slow, strong, and really wacky. We were hoping to involve French prostitutes in his play. Sadly, the game never made it quite this far.

That’s about all I can say about this for now. Considering the great art assets I have now, there is reason to hang on to this idea and work on it later. In the next few days I’m going be posting pretty frequently. Work doodling has gotten extreme.


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