#devtober 2019

I’m reviving this old wordpress as a dev diary. It’s the night before #devtober officially starts, so I’m just gonna throw up some inspiration images for what I hope to work on this month (and beyond?).

Why these things? In order of appearance:

  1. I’ve been playing Pokemon Master way too much. I don’t actually like the gachapon-ity of it all, but I’m also fascinated with it.
  2. Demon Slayer is one of the best shows airing right now, and now that I’ve been properly introduced to gachapon games, I genuinely don’t understand how there isn’t a Demon Slayer mobile game. I would play it. Shit, I might even pay to play it. And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve never done that.
  3. In the last few projects I’ve fiddled with, I’ve become really interested in positioning during combat, and a great example of this in an existing game is Flash Duel by Dave Sirlin. I played it once at a Meetup and really liked it, plus I love Yomi, so I’ll definitely be re-reading the rules.
  4. I didn’t actually play Sekiro, but in watching the Game Grumps play it, and after the recent Polygon video, I’m interested in this idea of ditching “HP” in all fighting games, and instead experimenting with the only outcomes being Block, Dodge, or Death.
  5. There’s actually another game jam going on this month called Cryptid Jam, so I’ll probably try to use that theme since devtober doesn’t have one. And I do have a fondness for the Cryptkin collectibles. Someone gave me a Jersey Devil and I keep him on my desk instead of a rubber duck. He’s helpful.

So… that’s the stuff floating around in my mind as I wait to start working on this game. I’ll try to post periodically as I work on it!