Steampunk Dice Game: name TBD

I’ve been designing this game for about two weeks now. Things are going pretty well in my opinion. I’ve just printed out the materials for the first play-test, and there don’t appear to be any major holes in the idea. That being said, I still don’t have a name. The folder on my computer is called “Steam Gears,” but that’s terrible. I want the name to be simple but interesting, and something that evokes the imagery of the game. I’ll ask around I guess. Maybe someone will have an idea for me.

Above is the first sheet I printed for my play-test. In the game, each player will start with a Core (not pictured), around which they will place four gears (pictured above). In the final version of the game, the gears will have crests on them, not pips, but I made this copy to be used without a custom die. Anyway, each turn the player rolls two dice, one for production and one for events. Whichever crest, or number for now, is rolled with the production die determines which gears will have energy placed on them. So for instance, you could have built a machine with six gears, three of which have the 5 crest. When the production die rolls a 5, you place one energy on each of those gears. A gear can hold up to two energy, and overproduced energy is not placed anywhere else. It is essentially wasted. As the game continues, you will gather energy around your Core, and can then absorb it to purchase more gears, and even mechanisms. Speaking of which…

Here are the mechanisms I have designed so far. Obviously they are doubled on the sheet, because I wasn’t sure if while playing I would want to include multiples of any mechanism. Also, I got frustrated with the art and gave up half way through. Don’t mind that. For the play test I have cut along all the solid lines and folded along the dotted lines to create squares that can fit with the gears. To reference their ability, you will need to turn the mechanism over. Hopefully memorization will kick in after a while. So mechanisms: they do stuff. Firstly, they provide “Prestige” in the form of little octagons in the corner of the picture. These are the Victory Points of the game, and the goal is to collect a certain number of them (also TBD). The mechanism can collect energy from adjacent gears to perform their operations, which is the main mechanic of the game. Intelligent adjacency decisions and energy usage will be the key to success.

There is a lot more to explain, such as the mysterious “bolts” mentioned on a few of the mechanisms, and the different powers of adjacency, but I’m not really interested in typing all that out right now. In the next couple of days the play-test will happen and I’ll take some pictures. That’s it for today.


One Comment on “Steampunk Dice Game: name TBD”

  1. The game should be called ‘Massive Explosion’ or ‘Corrosion Explosion’ or ‘Very Large and Potent Explosion’

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