Errant doodles

Because the last three days of doodling have been very focused, I’m just throwing up the days from last week that I forgot and Monday’s doodle. Brief explanations will follow each image.

Thursday was a slow day for ideas. Arenacraft was briefly worked on, but really, nothing happened. You can see the perspective drawing on the other side from this scan, and honestly, it was the most interesting thing on that side, which is why I’m not even posting it. The big “DUMB” really sums up the day.

Then Friday happened. And it happened hard. I have several little combat game ideas, and I decided to fiddle with them all at once to look at possible mergers and eliminations. I’ve mentioned Arenacraft and Kung-Fu before, but the other game, Dueling Blades, is actually an existing videogame that I was thinking of interpreting into a board game. The original ideas are two of my favorites, but also two of the least practical I have, so this is about as in-depth as my designs have become.

It’s odd for me to only use one side of the sheet, but for some reason Monday found me very focused on density of doodles. Also, my continuous re-imagining of the Farmer’s Nuisance card mechanic makes an appearance on the top panels. I really hope that I eventually find a home for that idea, so I’m constantly trying to rethink what it could do. The weird little cartoons on the bottom right are from Arenacraft, and the curve on the bottom left is just plain cool. I always loved those drawings in middle school.

That’s it for tonight. I’ve publicly posted enough of my terrible hand-writing for one day.


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