Archery card Layout (not art)

I’d like to once again say that this is not the art for the game.

Hopefully it’s clear what I’m aiming at here (HA). The colors and concentric elements are supposed to be reminiscent of an archery target, and in-game they tell you everything you need to know about the monster you are facing. For instance, this Rokkle has a “hit” value of 4, meaning you must roll a 4 or above to hit him. Doing this will cause him 1 damage, although some shots will do more. A monster which receives 3 damage is killed. The card also has a “kill” value of 10, meaning if you are able to roll a 10, he is killed immediately, regardless of damage.

The two orbiting symbols represent his special abilities. Each monster can have up to two of these, one that effects targeting and one that effects behavior. The bottom symbol means that this monster is “hearty.” Again, sorry for the terrible play-on-words (plays-on-words?). The Rokkle has, therefore, one extra damage capacity. The second symbol, and may I remind you that this isn’t the real art, indicates that this is a “flying” monster. Flying monsters must be damaged before they can be killed, meaning a roll of 10 as your first shot against this monster will only damage it.

That’s all I have for tonight. I’m still not even sure what this game’s fate will be, but I am warming to the new system, partly because of this new design. Over the weekend I will probably do the scanning, so there’s a chance that the influx of art will energize this project. Otherwise, expect more news on the other RPG.


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