The Estate: The Burglar

Today we return to The Estate to introduce the second playable character, the Burglar. This character specializes in avoiding the fight as much and possible, keeping in mind though that I haven’t quite settled on all the special abilities yet. For now, I can say that his offensive ability will probably be something like a stun or confuse attack. It will prevent the enemy from attacking on their next turn, although this does bring into question the “critical hit” option here. It may be a “stun two opponents” thing instead of “stun one opponent twice.” Either way, that ability is decided.

Something that is very interesting about the Burglar is his dice balance. He has, effectively, the worst and best dice in the game. The top die pictured is pretty terrible, having double F and 1H. The second die is, on the other hand, the best that any character has, with double 2H and S. This imbalance makes the Burglar very vulnerable to Robot attacks (I have no thematic reasoning for this), and also means that his chance of scoring a critical hit is lower than the other characters (about 15% lower). As for his defensive ability, I’m going to have to come back to that. When I start making the character cards, I will post them with the full abilities written. Until then, I’m not going to worry about it.

The next thing I’m tackling is the encounter system. Based on pricing, there can be up to 31 encounter cards, although I can’t be sure if I’m really going to need that many. The tough part is that the cards print in sheets of 18 and because of the 5 guide cards needed, this game really needs two sheets. Expect something about this pretty soon. I’ve spent the better part of today mulling it over, so it’s definitely on the horizon.


One Comment on “The Estate: The Burglar”

  1. “This imbalance makes the Burglar very vulnerable to Robot attacks” is the best sentence I’ve read all day. Who ISN’T vulnerable to robot attacks, by the way? The scientist?

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