Liars and Thieves

So this post has two parts. The first is the lying part. Specifically, my lies about doing a week of posts, and of posting a second time tomorrow.  I basically spent all of yesterday making one graph, which turned out to be completely pointless. Here it is anyway.

This is the expanded version of the last dice idea I had. This graph, though, shows all the possible additions, and associated probabilities, of a 4d6 roll. The legend on the bottom refers to the rank order of the dice (lowest to highest, A to D). And although this took me a long time and is mathematically really cool, it is far too complicated to be used. The 3d6 system is much easier to calculate at a glance. Either way, I had way too much fun faffing about in Excel yesterday, mostly because of the next part of this post.

Thievery came into play when I tried to work on the archery graphics. I recently received a sizable stack of monster drawings from a friend of mine, and I had planned to scan them and begin tracing them in Illustrator. What I had forgotten was that the scanner I was planning on using had been involved in a little burglary incident that happened while I was away. The strange part is that I had the scanner in front of me. And the television, the Xbox 360, and all of the other valuable things in the house. That is because only the power cords were stolen. Seriously. It’s like the thief was more interesting in trolling us than with financial gain. This happened over the summer, and for almost a year now we have been continually forgetting that the Xbox and printer/scanner, though present, are totally useless. So that de-railed my artistic plans for the day. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go to a computer lab on campus and scan them sometime this week.

Other than that, it seems like the archery game is pretty stalled right now. Even the name I chose is rapidly falling out of favor with me. It’s unclear where this game will end up.


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