The Estate: Robot & Chimera

Moving forward with the week of updates, today I’m going to start explaining the enemies in The Estate. In keeping with the form of the game, all monsters are represented by a single die. Encounters, a mechanic to be explained later, will consist of 2-5 monsters laid out in front of the player. When they attack, their die is rolled, and the action is taken. Basically, they’re just like players, except they lack the ability to make rational decisions. Hopefully this works out.

The above enemy is the Robot (obviously). I’m probably sticking with the “Face = Fail” method, because the alternatives just aren’t working out. The [1] Hit/[2] Hit symbols for the robot are his brass pincer hands, and his [S]pecial is a lightning bolt. As it stands now, this special attack “zaps” the target, doing no damage but banishing the player’s defense die from being used in the next attack round. In some situations, with two robots attacking, you could potentially use, and lose, both of your dice, effectively stunning you for one turn. I would recommend always defending with your weaker die when fighting a robot. If next turn you only get to roll 1 die, you will need all the help you can get.

The second enemy I have here is the Chimera. I guess the Chimera is a specific mythological beast, but I always think of it as a genetic hybrid of multiple animals, which might explain the background pattern. Weirdly, it looks like in trying to draw a mixture of many animals, I just drew a lion. Ignore that. This enemy hits a bit harder than the robot, and it’s special attack deals 1 damage regardless of defense rolled. Originally I had the chimera have a [3] hit attack, but I was worried that it would be ridiculous if the player rolled a failure on defense. Changing it to an unstoppable 1 damage seemed like a safer choice.

I’m bummed that I didn’t manage to post this yesterday, but I will probably be updating again by the end of the day with some archery stuff. Until then.


One Comment on “The Estate: Robot & Chimera”

  1. Rider Strong says:

    Awesome!! I love those backgrounds and again, the art style is pitch-perfect. Not sure how you can make the chimera look less like a straight up lion…

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