RPG #2: The Estate

Even though they won’t make any sense, I’m going to lead with the graphics.

I’d like to introduce the Scientist character from RPG #2, now known as “The Estate.” If it isn’t obvious, these icons are laid out so that they could fold into a six-sided die, although in reality they will be printed as stickers and applied to a blank die from TGC. Either way, let me explain them.

Characters in The Estate are represented by two dice and a single reference card. In general, dice will have [F]ails, [1] Hits, [2] Hits, and [S]pecials. Each die must have one of each, but the remaining two are different for each character. For instance, we can see that the Scientist’s die is F112SS. This means that while he has a good chance of triggering his special ability, his attacks are consistently weak. His other die is slightly different (FF12SS), which I will post further down. The face icon is the “failure” roll, though I have been told that that is a bit of a bummer. Honestly, I just wanted to get the faces on the dice, and I already had symbols for everything else.

Every turn, you will roll both of your character’s dice to declare an attack. In the most likely circumstance, you will roll two different faces. When this happens, you can choose to execute either action. This is considered the standard move. If you happen to roll doubles (excluding double failures), you can unleash a “critical hit,” meaning you may execute the attack twice on the same target.

When attacked, you may roll a single die, of your choice, to defend against your opponent. The 1’s and 2’s are simply transitioned to defense values, and the S icon will take on a new, defensive effect. Both the offensive and defensive effects can be found on the reference card, although ideally they will be simple enough to remember after a few rounds.

The Scientist, with his emphasis on specials, has two very useful special abilities. When rolled as an attack, he is able to heal himself or his ally for 2 health. Rolling a Critical with this ability can be a great thing, as health totals in this game are low (<10). When playing defense, the Scientist uses his chemical knowledge to, uh, do something. I haven’t actually finished designing what all the characters do. Sorry.

Anyhow, in the next few days I will try and post a monster die, since without those the Scientist would have no one to fight. Since the monsters are simpler (only 1 die, no defensive abilities), I will probably post them two at a time. Maybe after an Archery game update. Who knows, that game might get a title as well…




One Comment on “RPG #2: The Estate”

  1. Alan Tudyk says:

    The love the scientist’s red goatee. And has anyone ever told you you do a great job of cartooning glass? Cause you do.

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