RPG #2

So last week I mentioned the RPG contest, and previewed some artwork for an archery-themed game. This week I’m going to talk about my second idea for that contest. My hope is that both games are completed in time, and that Reluctant Pirate Games will have two entries, but who knows. This may end up like the mashup contest where one idea replaces the other, but probably not. I really like both of these ideas. Anyway, I’m keeping a “design diary” for this RPG, and I’m doing it on Board Game Geek to see how that goes. That being said, I will cross-post the text here, but frankly the only possible audience for this kind of stuff is already there on BGG. Anyhow, here’s the first entry in the diary, entitled (wait for it) “Overview.”


So it looks like most of these design diaries start with an overview. Who am I to question that?

Pocket Encounters: Steampunk is a terrible, but temporary name for an upcoming entry into the Game Crafter’s RPG contest. You play as one of three characters who, for various reasons, are investigating a mysterious laboratory owned by a notable Mad Scientist. Once inside the compound, you find yourself in a struggle for survival, as the creations and associates of the mad man attempt to silence you permanently.

It is primarily a dice-rolling game, but is supported by a very small deck of reference and story cards. This game will be cheap, small, and simple enough to be played in a short time. What it will not be is deep, engrossing, or complicated. Anyhow, the details should be forthcoming, but for now, here’s some really early artwork to spice up the post.


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