Earlier in the week I said that I would be finishing up PUNCH really soon. That statement turned out to be true. I’ve finished the second version of the rules, and the art is nearly complete. For instance:

As of now, these are the face cards for PUNCH! I need to make a texture to use in place of the flat colors, and I might end up replacing the gem shapes with the actual gem symbols. Either way, I think they turned out pretty good for a first pass. A few friends of mine, Alex included, did a play-test for me and the feedback was mostly positive. Once I do a play-test of my own with the new rules, I’ll probably post them here. Technically the game can be played with two standard poker decks, you’ll just need a reference sheet for the face cards. Oh, and one last little thing.

I updated the suit images at the suggestion of an artist. He reminded me that gems are, in reality, slightly translucent, and that a good deal of the beauty is created by the interaction of the facets on both sides. I was thinking that I would just use these as the aces, but I’ll probably just replace all instances of the suits with the new ones.

Actually, another last thing. In an ideal world, the archery game will get tested this weekend. This is not guaranteed to happen, but it could, so there might be some play-test pictures up here for the first time in a long time. I think that’s everything.


One Comment on “More PUNCH!”

  1. Rosa Parks says:

    Sweet! I love the Punch artwork. Can’t wait to see which images the different poses/drill things refer to– though clearly the suits are established. Woooo hoooo hoooo….

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