A new project

The other day I saw a call for vector artists to work on an independent project called Gods & Minions. I responded to the ad, and after producing a few rough pieces, the organizers have decided to let me be part of it. It’s a pretty expansive game, but all I’m doing is designing small symbols to be embossed on the sides of custom dice. That restriction may somewhat explain the image that follows.

Here we have the first drafts of the Dwarven Melee weapons. If it isn’t obvious, they are simple and uncolored because you can’t emboss color. These are nowhere near the finished design, but they were sufficient to impress the guys over at Gods & Minions. Anyway, I tried to make them really distinct from the stereotypical weapons to communicate something about Dwarven culture (made-up though it may be). I didn’t want the weapons to come to sharp points. Their strength comes from delivering heavy blows, not piercing armor or out-maneuvering opponents. The sword is, I think, especially strong in that regard. There is supposed to be a Morning Star (basically a mace head on a chain) but I figured I would use the same graphic with a chain instead of a handle.

So that’s it for now. All the stuff I said about Masterplan updates was apparently a lie. Maybe next week.


One Comment on “A new project”

  1. call for vector artists? where?

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