Suddenly motivated

So I’ve been posting about once a week, and I usually open with something about doing very little work. This isn’t going to be one of those posts. This post follows a week where two things happened to change that. The first is that TGC announced another contest. This has produced (sigh) a bunch of text documents and an Excel dice-simulator, but very little in terms of art. So nothing to show really for that one. The second, and much more exciting development, is that a game that I had thought of and basically abandoned has risen from the ashes and dominated my design time for the past few days. I now present the first images from my upcoming card game, PUNCH.

This is a rough version of the 10 of [insert suit name here]s. It’s clearly unfinished because it lacks a suit mark below the number, and because I haven’t really named the suits yet. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with this.

I realize now that I’m saying all of this without context or explanation. Let’s fix that. PUNCH is a card game played with a minimally modified poker deck. It is inspired by Alex Coulombe’s GULP, a game that I really enjoy. I wanted to make a game in a similar fashion, but also existing in the same fictional universe as his game. In GULP, you play as a village of Boggles, blob-like creatures who grow crops in their mouths while they stand in the river. In PUNCH, you represent a Rokkle mining crew trying to dig up the most gems. As of now, I really don’t have a good image of the Rokkles, but just think a mix between Geodude and a trapezoid. That should get you there. Anyway, there are four types of gems, and you acquire and spend them in the search for the four ultimate gems (read: aces).

If it isn’t clear, these are the suits. I drew these from a jeweler’s manual I found online, so while they are genuine crystal shapes, you wouldn’t really find them in nature. But who cares, they look nice. Also, if anyone except me is admiring the pebble texture in the background, I will say that the rocks themselves were drawn (and then copiously duplicated and stretched) by hand, but the colors were not. I happened upon a great website run by Adobe called Kuler, which allows designers to submit five-color schemes so others can download and use them. This particular theme is called MetalsMineFiled, and it is awesome. On top of that, I found a script that lets you take a swatch of colors and randomly apply it to a group of objects. I would have driven myself insane if I tried to color them all individually. The mind is just ill-equipped to do truly random tasks.

So yeah. PUNCH is cool. I will be testing it within the week with regular cards, so it’s unlikely that there will be any action shots. As for the RPG contest, the deadline is over two months out, so the design probably won’t pick up speed for a while. I will definitely post more PUNCH artwork as I make it, and Masterplan Monday is still happening, so there will surely be something new on Tuesday. Until then.

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