New(ish) projects

So yesterday was the first of a series of “Masterplan Mondays,” in which Alex and I have an in-depth discussion about his game and where we want to go with it. Yesterday was basically just a strategy meeting for the TGC version, so there weren’t any new graphics produced. I’ve also run out of old drawings to pretend to have created. So no Masterplan pictures today, which is a huge bummer.

In completely unrelated news, I’ve become marginally involved in a friends gaming project. It’s called Everything Islands, and it’s a a text-based role-playing game where everything (ha) is possible, with some limitations on effort, which I think is pretty well explained by this picture.

Basically, the more things you attempt, the worse they turn out individually. Mr. Left dug one awesome hole, while Mr. Right dug four crappy holes.

It’s actually the third installment of the series, following Everything Egg and Everything Island (singular). Not to brag, but I pretty much came up with whole “multiple islands” idea as a possible expansion. Pretty much the single greatest contribution to the project of all time. Except maybe the hours of writing, drawing, and planning that he puts into it every year. Either way, that should be taking up a bit of my time, and although it isn’t a board game, I figure it’s worthwhile to post about here. I might be helping him make some diagrams, so get ready for that.



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