You win some, you lose some.

This title is technically incorrect. I have, in reality, never won some. But Alex has, so I guess it works for him. Either way, the verdict on Shima is in and we did a bit worse than we had hoped. Although we had made it to the finals, the judges didn’t have the best time playing the game. It isn’t a big surprise, at least to me, but in our defense the game has a serious learning curve. Having played a few times, I’m pretty confident that I could play smoothly through a game. For first-timers, I think it would definitely be tough. Hopefully we can use this as a learning experience and do better in further contests.

So moving on from that, there is always Masterplan. I’ve been looking at some token designs to represent the three building types. I’m not really looking to describe the workings of the game, but I will say that players purchase, develop, and build on triangular parcels of land (posted earlier). The buildings will be represented by TGC tokens with building stickers. The final design is pretty far off, but the basic graphic will look something like this:

The three types are Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. The designs are supposed to be as simple as possible, but I felt that I needed to add some emphasis in the form of extra lines. The shapes looked fine, but they lacked energy. The Commercial drawing needed it the most, probably because the shape itself is not already iconic, unlike the other two.

So that’s it for now. I just got back for my last semester of school, so this stuff will really be slowing down. Hopefully Masterplan becomes the focus, mostly because it isn’t technically “my” game, so the pressure is much lower. Anyhow, let’s hope this isn’t the last post for a while. Perhaps next Tuesday will have something to show.


One Comment on “You win some, you lose some.”

  1. Like the tokens! The color for residential is kind of gross though… and the grass pattern looks like angry water. Why not just straight lines for grass? That way they’re unconnected and consistent with the other use of line in the other two.

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