The Hat Trick!

So as the sidebar says, the Finalists in the Resource Contest have been announced. And for the third time, I’ve made it in, although I guess you could say that this is 2.5 times, since I co-designed this game. But they did decide to print out Sumo Edition, so maybe it’s 2.6 times. Who cares. On top of that, you could argue that my recognition in the mashup contest didn’t constitute a finals bid because it didn’t get printed. I guess this post is poorly named. Whatever.

The real story here is that a few days ago I received an email from TGC saying that someone in Madison WC had ordered Shima: Sumo Edition. This was interesting because A. I hadn’t published the game officially and B. last time TGC judged one of my games they put in the order a few days before the announcement. I wasn’t going to post anything because it seemed wrong to preempt their announcement with my presumptions.

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post (breaking my own rule), but I just don’t have the attention span right now to find and describe one. Hopefully there will be a huge wave of Masterplan updates in the near future, so that should be pretty image-heavy.


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