Regular updates be damned!

So Shima.

It happened.

I kind of didn’t post anything. UNTIL NOW!!!!

I was, dare I say, ecstatic with this one. And by this one, I mean my copy, which is not pictured because I: A) Don’t own a camera and B) Cannot take photographs of any value. That aside, the board and cards came out very, very nicely. The color scheme has a dramatic impact, almost more than I was expecting. I don’t know how Alex felt, but I am really taken with “Spinner as Clock.” The design really came together nicely. Even the resource pieces feel like they were custom made just for us. The colors are earthy and smooth, but not artificially so.

Not to say it has no faults. In fact, as I sit here typing, I’m preparing to have a conversation with Alex to go over the results of his recent playtest. There are some graphic issues that absolutely need fixing, and some rule changes that were suggested, considered, and almost immediately agreed upon.

So watch out, because TGC’s first “supergroup” has just entered the fray with a muted, intricately patterned tapestry of Japanese farm simulation. I leave you with these pictures…


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