Congratulations Alex!

So Alex Coulombe has won the Mashup Contest with his game “The Rum Run.” Having played it, I am not terribly surprised. My game, Satellite Salvo, was honored with the title “Most Creative,” so that’s pretty cool too. But in honor of his victory, I present a really great video he made of a game that we played during my play-test party. I’m the one that keeps rearranging my tiles into little shapes.

It might be interesting to note that “Idle Eyebrows” is Alex’s music name, so he basically did everything in this video. I really liked how it came out, even though I got crushed in this game by Alex (foreshadowing?).

That aside, I thought I would just throw up a post about a small project that I’ve been toying with recently. A few years ago I came up with a fairly unobjectionable card game called “Kung-Fu.” It used a standard poker deck, or in ideal circumstances, two poker decks. Recently the Game Crafter started taking submissions for poker decks, and I thought I would just put a deck together themed on Kung-Fu, and publish it with the rules attached. Here are the prospective suits for the deck.

I wanted a custom set of suits, but I wanted it to be obvious which classic suit they represent. I tried to maintain basic forms, and of course the colors give it away. Those may change, but not much. Underneath that is my current scheme for suit layout on number cards. Face cards will be pictorial, obviously, and on that note check out the sketch by our resident artist.

So expect to see a little more about this coming up. Although really, there isn’t much more to show after the suits. I guess I’ll just post face-card images when I get them. Stay tuned.


One Comment on “Congratulations Alex!”

  1. this looks super crazy awesome cool. can’t wait!

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