Always the bridesmaid…

If you look to the right, you will see that the Game Crafter just announced the finalists for the Mashup Contest. Though Satellite Salvo did not make it into the top three, which will be printed and judged, it only just barely missed the cut-off, meaning I effectively tied for fourth. Again. But all in all, for one of the quickest development periods I have had, really respectable. Also, my friend Alex is in the finals! I am excited to see if he wins.


In other news, I have been neglecting to post, despite the fact that a lot has happened in the last two weeks. Shima has reached a playable level, and a damn good one at that. Unfortunately, I did not take the pictures of the play-test with my own camera, and I completely forgot to get the pictures from the play-tester before he flew back to DC. In lieu of the nice set of pictures, here’s a the most current board. I’ll try and explain some of what you see below.



BAM (again)! The board has changed very little, but at the same time, quite a bit. The old board had gameplay implications that it didn’t need too. This board, with the each player’s area broken into large bands instead of small plots, is truer to how the game works. The new central “clock” shows the seasons and the months within them. Each “turn” represents one piece of a season, and by pure coincidence it works out to be twelve.


I will post much, much more soon, but I would really like to have the pictures before I launch into a full-bore explanation.


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