Contest Entry (and other news)

So the entrants in the Mashup Contest have been entered. I hadn’t gotten an email confirming that I had been entered, so this news is bigger to me than it probably should be. Either way, there are some great looking games this time, so the competition will be fierce. I hope for another strong showing. Having looked through them, I thought I would highlight two games to look out for: The Rum Run and Realm of Hostility. The Rum Run is an entry by a friend of mine (who I mentioned in an earlier post, and who will be mentioned again later this post), and having played several of his games, finished or not, I know how good it probably is. The other, Realm of Hostility, is designed by the person I tied with last competition. I talked to him the other day, and I think we agreed that we are rivals. So keep an eye out for those two.


In other news…

BOOM! Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but I really like this image. This is a very early version of the board for the upcoming game Shima (working title, but means island in Japanese). This will be another contest entry, even though I told myself I wouldn’t do this contest, and this game will be a collaborative work between myself and Alex Coulombe, the friend I mentioned earlier. I can’t say much about it right now, but I will hopefully be posting updated boards, some card images, and perhaps a small explanation of the game soon.


In even more news…

SHAZAAM! This image has an even vaguer description, but I will say that these are some old concept drawings for a flash game that I am strongly considering turning into a skirmish-style table-top war-game. Also, I think I may have used up my entire hyphenation quotient for the year. So yeah, this is the far off game that I have mentioned in the past, and its status hasn’t changed in a while. I actually have some more current artwork for these characters, but I’m keeping parts of the idea under wraps because I apparently have the audacity to believe that my idea is so good it’s worth stealing. Who do I think I am?


One final note: Although I do most of my planning, designing, and drawing in AutoCAD, I still occasionally struggle with more complicated geometries. I know from conversations I have had with other CAD users (actually, both designers I mentioned in this post use CAD software in their actual jobs) that this is a problem, so I thought I would post this great guide I found for dealing with these difficulties. Enjoy.


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