New Game(s)!

So the second game from Reluctant Pirate Games is finished, submitted, and soon-to-be in the mail. I won’t officially publish it until I have seen it in person and can be sure that is complete and playable. Until then, you should head over to the Games page and check out the much more affordable (free, actually) Print & Play version. There was a previous draft up here a few posts ago, but now there are rules and a final version. Obviously I will be posting when there are contest updates, but keep your fingers crossed. This time I will be going up against a friend of mine, so it could get personal. As in I will personally punch him if he beats me. Actually, I hope we get to play his game in the next few weeks so I can post some pictures up here.

Outside of contest news, there isn’t really much to say. There are two games in the works at this point, one reasonable and the other unreasonable, so I expect there will be some news about the former in the next week or so. Other than that, really excited to have two solid games, and hopefully things keep getting moving at this pace.




One Comment on “New Game(s)!”

  1. Lorrie says:

    I think the Satellite Salvo game is amazing. The combination of Battleship (always fun) and Yahtzee (always enticing as you wait for the right roll of the dice) makes for a very fun time. The paper version of the game is all you need. This game is right for all ages!

    Hey Dan, bet you didn’t think I could navigate my way to your website. It’s great to see what is taking so much of your time up at your desk!

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